Julien Sunier | Avenas

Certified Organic

Dijon born surfer turned natural wine champion in the Cru Beaujolais, Julien has extensive experience working for notable organic and biodynamic estates in Burgundy, New Zealand, California, and has been farming his own organic vineyards for 10+years. Vintage in and vintage out his wines are deft, clean, and clearly express site with a captivating transparency. The domaine of Julien Sunier debuted in 2008 with 3 hectares of old vines in some of the top sites in Morgon and Fleurie, which he immediately converted to organic farming. He has also started incorporating biodynamic principles. Today the estate has close to 6.5 hectares of predominantly old vines in sought after single parcels in all 3 of his Crus, including Py in Morgon.  (read more)



Domaine Bois D’Yver/Thomas Pico | Courgis

Certified Organic

From the genius who brings you Pattes Loup, Thomas Pico also farms and makes this show-stopping Chablis from his father’s historic 2.5 ha estate, which he’s quietly been reviving since 2015. Thomas is one of but a handful of producers working organically in Chablis, a region not known for sustainable production. Thomas runs Bois d'Yver as a separate estate in parallel to Pattes Loup and follows the same principles - organic farming, no synthetic inputs, native yeast ferments, and ageing that brings out the inherent complexity but altogether freshness of the fruit. (read more)


Château des Rontets | Pouilly-Fuissé

Certified Organic

Fabio Montrassi and Claire Gazeau have been making stunning single parcel Pouilly-Fuissé and an impressive Saint-Amour from their revitalized 6.5 hectare family estate since the early 2000's. The couple met as architects in Milan and returned to Claire's native Pouilly-Fuissé to take over the dilapidated family estate in 1995. Upon returning, their first priority was revitalizing the soils and vineyard and they immediately began implementing organic farming. The couple has preserved many of their vines from the 1920’s and all new plantings are from massale selection. Perched on the summit of the hill of Fuissé at 350m, the vineyards of Château des Rontets, are blessed with a unique exposition that tempers the region's tendency towards richness and weight. The unique situation of each parcel in combination with minimal intervention in the cellar such as fermenting solely with Indigenous yeasts, ageing in minimal new oak, and light to no filtration, enable the domaine to consistently make impressive single parcel wines that give the Côte d'Or a run for its money.  (read more)

Domaine de la Sarazinière | Mâcon Villages (Bussières & Serrières)

Father and son Philippe and Guilaume Trébignaud are the 3rd and 4th generations to farm a selection of well situated parcels in the southern Mâcon with a swathe of older vines, including single old vine parcels of Chardonnay and Gamay planted in 1926 by Philippe's great uncle Claude Seigneuret. The domaine's entry level bottling averages 60 year old vines. The vines dig deep into the limestone bedrock and allow the duo to hone the racy and vibrant qualities that make their wines so compelling. The domaine boasts an array of single parcel bottlings, both in white and red, all of which are single varietal, each showcasing a unique terroir and purity of fruit. Father and son work with the conviction that the only way to farm is with living soils, regularly plowed and not treated with pesticides and herbicides. They began transitioning to organic certification in 2018. These are some of the best values in the portfolio. (read more)