Domaine de la Tournelle | Arbois

Certified Organic & Biodynamic

Evelyne and Pascal Clairet began Domaine de la Tournelle in 1991 with a single rented parcel of Chardonnay and an enthusiastic pursuit of organic and biodynamic farming. Today they have become a benchmark domaine in the region and are highly respected figures in the natural wine community who regularly help young growers get established. They accomplished this through much dedication and hard work and a constant interest and curiosity in learning from those who initially cleared the path in the Jura and established the region. In addition to farming naturally, they employ no or minimal amounts of SO2 either at harvest or bottling. Pascal has also been a strong voice in favor of wines that showcase the region's unique terroirs and he believes that single variety bottlings best capture that. Evelyne and Pascale are a bridge generation between the region's elders and the new guard and so in another sense are there wines "bridge wines" - yes they are natural and they are also incredibly well made, age-worthy wines that can have incredible precision and complexity.  (read more)