Our Mission

As an independent importer and distributor, our mission is to nurture and maintain a meaningful human relationship with wine throughout the course of its trajectory. That means selecting growers who farm as responsibly as possible and representing them and their wines as honestly as possible. We seek and practice integrity. 

Our Story

Floraison Selections was founded during a California wildflower super bloom by Nadia Dmytriw in the spring of 2017. Nadia created Floraison to continue the meaningful relationships and work she has been doing since 2009. In camaraderie, dedication, and joie de vivre, Floraison represents the shared passion and values between our growers, sales team, and client base.

Our Team

Nadia Dmytriw - Owner

Nadia is a native San Franciscan who has been working in the wine industry for two decades. She holds a B.A. in Language Studies from U.C. Santa Cruz and has also completed studies at the University of Oenology in Bordeaux.  Her passion for foreign languages, cultures, teaching, and wine led her to work in various aspects of the wine trade in France and Russia before returning to California. She worked her way up to Managing Partner in her previous company Joli Vin Imports, and spent nearly a decade representing many of the growers with whom she currently works. Nadia founded Floraison Selections independently in 2017.

A dancer, Nadia moves in many worlds. When not running her company, or hawking bottles, you may find her letting loose at a late night juerga (Flamenco jam session) or out and about in nature, hiking, cycling, or foraging local seaweed and mushrooms, and preparing her finds in her ridiculously small kitchen for a wonderfully large group of friends.

Jackie Smith - Admin & Sales, East Bay & SF

Jackie hails from Florida and first cut her teeth at the esteemed retailer Cru Cellars. She has built up solid retail and restaurant experience since 2014 and since relocating to California in 2018, she has endeared herself to many in the industry. She came to California in order to continue her wine education and career in the heart of the market and has worked as Wine Buyer at Douglas in San Francisco and can also be found behind the bar at Oakland’s famed natural wine bar the Punchdown. She joined Floraison in fall 2018 and is thrilled to be a part of a woman owned company that is in line with her values. She wears many hats for the company - she started out as a part-time office assistant and is now transitioning into sales where her winning personality and solid wine knowledge and passion shine.

Pierre LesbreSales, North Bay & SF

Father of 2, Pierre moved back to the Bay Area last year with his family. He took the opportunity of moving here to enter into the wine industry. He has been pouring wine at Terroir for the past 6 months. Though quite new to the wine industry, Pierre is a longtime wine lover. He has broadened his wine knowledge and culture in France over the last 20 years by drinking, reading and meeting wine makers, sommeliers, and other industry influencers. Pierre has a background in lifestyle journalism and tech PR. As a broadcast journalist, he had the chance to enter and discover prestigious wineries and fine restaurants in France, Spain and South Africa. "I am now very lucky to represent Floraison Selections, a portfolio of wines true to their place."

The Name

Floraison is a French botanical term that means "blooming" or "blossoming". It can also be used figuratively to signify "flourishing". The etymology of the word is quite meaningful - flor is the latin for "flower" and raison (from the latin ratio), is the French word for "reason". The name Floraison Selections came to Nadia on a camping trip during the 2017 California wildflower super bloom. This once-in-a-lifetime event happened to coincide with the birth of the company.