Côte de Bars

Marie Courtin - Polisot

Certified Organic & biodynamic

Dominique Moreau has been making single varietal, single vineyard, single vintage, no dosage Champagnes from her tiny 2.5 ha estate since 2005. The vines were planted in the 1970's from massale selection and are farmed organically & biodynamically. The Côte-de-Bars is Champagne's southern most region, closer to Chablis than Reims, and has the same Kimmeridgian limestone as Chablis. The region's warmer temperatures and Kimmeridgian soils excel at making Pinot Noir that is rich and textured while retaining acidity and freshness. Dominique named the estate after her grandmother, Marie Courtin, who Dominique recalls as a strong woman of the earth. (read more)

Vallée de la Marne

Flavien Nowack - Vandières

practicing organic

Flavien Nowack began refocussing his family's estate on single vintage, single parcel bottlings in 2011. Passionate that nothing should come between the purest expression of terroir, he farms organically and relies on the natural yeast of unfermented grape must as his prise de mousse for the secondary fermentation in bottle. As a result, these Champagnes are lower in pressure than is typical and underscores the vinous quality of these exceptionally soft and delicate wines. A young talent with a clear vision. (read more)