Floraison Selections, a grower driven wine importer and distributor based in California, represents a select group of independent, minimal-interventionist growers who make wine with true sense of place and origin. We select growers who capture the clear expression of their land and their raw material— however tiny, highly prized, or utterly unknown — by farming in a way that respects the environment and people who work the land. They are hands on in the vineyard and minimal interventionist in the cellar.

We have a strong emphasis on working with organic, biodynamic, and "natural" wines and we are deeply committed to many growers that have become leaders in these practices. The unifying belief that unite our growers is that healthy, living soil and healthy grapes better capture the natural expression of place and lead to less intervention in the cellar.  Our growers are dedicated, with or without official certification, to working the soil without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides; harvesting by hand; fermenting with native yeasts, and avoiding additives other than a limited amount of sulfites.

We are not dogmatic. We appreciate the challenges of mother nature and the necessity at times to adapt one's principles to specific vintage challenges. We also believe in supporting growers who are actively improving their abilities to work with less reliance on conventional farming and winemaking methods and who are earnestly moving towards these ideals out of their own experiences and personal convictions.  We have confidence in the growers we choose to work with and trust their experience and judgement. We are more interested in understanding why and how a grower works the way they do, the impact it has on their surrounding environment, how it translates into the final product, and whether it translates into something we enjoy drinking. 

We directly import all of the wines we represent in order to remain as closely connected as possible with each producer, their land, and their story. We are committed to telling these stories and being transparent about our growers' farming practices with our customers. We could not be more honored to work with such a committed group of growers. These are the wines we drink and love to share, made by people we want to support and hold in high regard.